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No matter what developmental stage your child is at, Bloom Learning Centre is ready with an entire suite of educational services that will set him or her up for a successful future.

We aren’t just a learning centre — we are a partner in your child’s education. From junior preschool through grade eight, our educators deliver quality educational programs that will continually prepare your child for his or her next big step in life while setting the stage for future academic success.

We offer:

• Preschool
• Tutoring
• Summer Programs
• February and Spring Camps

Our programs are designed to offer a quality education to your child and the support that you need as a parent to help your child continue to grow. By trusting us with the learning needs of your child, you can breathe easy knowing that we will be here for you every step of the way to ensure a successful future for your child. Read more about the unique benefits of choosing Bloom Learning Centre.


Preschool Programs

Our program is designed to prepare children to be successful when they enter school and focuses on the Montessori approach. Children are able to focus on their interests using real life materials and the teacher is a guide to the students, rather than facilitator. The preschool classes provide your child with a solid foundation for lifelong learning and help to develop a positive attitude towards learning experiences. We encompass practical life, sensory learning, and beginning language and math skills to allow your child to be prepared for Kindergarten. Engaging activities achieve curriculum-focused learning  as well as learn logical thinking skills, technological literacy, vocabulary development and social skills. Following the Montessori approach, we also have a huge emphasis on nature and focus on care of the environment.
Practical Life: Within the practical life portion of our Montessori preschool, your child will have the opportunity to become a master is tying laces, care for self, preparing snacks, doing up zippers, etc. This area focuses on enabling children to become more independent in school and at home. By practicing these practical life skills your son/daughter's confidence will improve and they will excel in other areas of learning.
Sensory Learning: This involves students learning with their senses, activities include identifying smells, textures, sounds, symbols, and tastes. By using their senses, they will be able to associate them with specific items and expand their minds and knowledge.

Language Skills: Students will work on pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Montessori methods work on giving background knowledge in order to make the process of reading and writing easier. Students will work with letter recognition, letter sounds, and building simple key words. 
Mathematic Skills: Students will again work with pre-math skills, similar to our Language Area. Students will work on recognizing numbers, values, units of measurement, working with number families etc.  


All Classes Are Half Day Options

Morning Classes  9:00AM -11:45AM

Afternoon Classes  1:00PM-3:45PM


2 Class/ Week =  $225/month

Monday/Wednesday AM

Tuesday/Thurdsay AM

Monday/Wednesday PM

Tuesday /Thursday PM


4 Class/Week $350/month

Monday-Thursday AM or PM


1 Class/Week $125/month

Friday AM or PM

$50 registration fee willl be required


Services are available to students attending the adjacent YMCA childcare centres. Contact us for details.

Female Teacher and Student


One on one tutoring (for students in Grades K-8) that is customized to your child’s individual needs. Classes run for an hour and a half once a week for 11 weeks. Individual tutoring allows for greater instruction time with the teacher as well as the ability to focus on your child’s unique problem areas. With one on one tutoring we can incorporate more than one subject into the class time.English Language Arts and Math are usually the focus as these are the two areas students tend to have the most difficulty with however we can also tutor in other subject areas if requested.

Pricing: $299/month

Registration Fee: $20

Children Playing Tug of War



School may be out for the summer, but learning is always in. Bloom Learning Centre offers several fun and exciting week long day camps to children aged 3-8 during the months of July and August.

Our camps are focused on fun learning activities that are geared towards your child’s interests and provide a flexible solution for your summer childcare needs that kids will love!



Fun days planned for non school days - similar details as Summer Camp Programming.

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