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First, you taught them how to wave. Then came their first word. Before you know it, you were cheering them on as they took their first steps and started to use the potty for the first time. They can ride their tricycle and sing their favourite nursery rhyme because of you. As their parent, you will always be their first teacher and the most important influence on your child’s development and attitude towards learning.

At Bloom, we recognize this important role that you play in your child’s life and strive to help you be the best teacher possible by providing you with resources that will help enable you to reinforce your child’s learning. Whether your child is enrolled in one of our programs or not, we want to help you be successful at helping your child be extraordinary.

We know that communication between parents and teachers is important in helping a child to achieve learning objectives. We welcome and encourage open communication and collaboration with our parents to give your child the best education for a successful future. Together, we can make their minds bloom.

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