Benefits of Bloom

You and your child will see the benefits from your first day at Bloom.

Benefits of Bloom

You and your child will see the benefits from your first day at Bloom. If your child is a registered student in any of our preschool, junior preschool, tutoring or summer day camp programs, you can expect:

Professional Staff

In an unregulated industry, the quality of educators can vary dramatically from place to place. At Bloom, we only accept the best. Our teaching staff genuinely care about your child and the quality of education he or she is receiving. Our preschool, summer camp and tutoring instructors must have an education degree to deliver our programming and our support staff is well trained.

Stimulating Learning Environment

Our 2,200-square-foot classroom is bright, clean and open to provide an enriched learning environment that encourages interaction. Every aspect of our centre has been designed with your child’s learning experience in mind. If you would like to see pictures of our facility, you can do so by visiting our location page.

A Focus on Learning

Bloom Learning Centre follows a unique custom built curriculum that aligns with the provincial government’s learning objectives for Kindergarten students in Saskatchewan. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is delivered through fun and interactive teaching methods designed to prepare your child to be successful when they enter the school system.


Bloom is located in the Rochdale Crossing Mall and is surrounded by many amenities. Our longer class times allow you to fit in your workout, get the grocery shopping done, grab a coffee with a friend or give yourself a much needed spa treatment. We are also located adjacent to the YMCA Rochdale Childcare Centre and for a small fee, we can arrange to have our staff pick your child up from the daycare in order to attend our classes. Drop off service is also available.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Bloom Learning Centre’s quality programs provide everything your child needs from learning tools to a nutritious snack — and we never ask you to fundraise or volunteer. For parent convenience and to increase learning opportunities preschool classes are longer than most, running for a full three hours. Bloom understands that families lead busy lives and we are here to help by taking care of everything you need so that you can spend more quality time with your family.

Tutoring Programs

Our tutoring programs are accessible and affordable. We do not require an extensive time commitment and offer non-intimidating small group instruction that will help your child to recognize that other children their age also have similar difficulties.

Summer Programs

Our learning-focused summer programs offer a flexible solution for your summer childcare needs. Your child can attend all weeks or just one and you will pay only for the weeks your child is there. These programs are centred on your child’s interests, making them fun and engaging.