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Don’t let your child struggle another minute — our professional educators can help. Bloom offers group tutoring sessions as well as customized one-on-one classes for students in kindergarten to grade eight. The sessions are based on two of the most crucial, and often most difficult subject areas-English Language Arts and Math. An important advantage of Bloom’s tutoring program is all of our teachers hold an education degree and are certified to teach in Saskatchewan. You will see the difference a trained professional can make!

Group Tutoring

Bloom provides small group instruction consisting of 2-4 students to one instructor. The classes run for an hour and a half once a week for 11 weeks. Group tutoring is an affordable option for students who are not drastically below grade level but would benefit from a review of the basics in order to build a strong foundation for future academic success. Through these classes students will not only learn essential skills but will recognize other students have similar difficulties and build their self-esteem fostering a positive attitude towards the subject matter. See below for course descriptions.

Ready Readers (Grades 1-3): The primary objective of this class is to improve your child’s fluency and accuracy, comprehension, spelling skills, and to generally build reading confidence. Our caring, educated staff will encourage your child to develop a love for reading which will foster future success. Through activities involving shared and guided reading, sight words, word families, oral cloze activities and sound letter relationships, your child’s abilities will Bloom!

Math Meet (Grades 3-5): Is math not making sense? We can help! The objective of this class is to assist students in the grade three-to-five range with fundamental math concepts that provide a solid basis for future success in the subject area. Multiplication and division are the primary focus, but preliminary concepts such as addition, subtraction, place value and skip counting are often touched on to gain complete understanding and fluency. Problem-solving skills and learning strategies will be taught to help your child gain confidence in his or her abilities. Our knowledgeable instructors achieve these learning objectives through games and activities that make math fun, proving it doesn’t have to be your child’s least favourite subject!

Pricing: $189/month
Registration Fee: $20

Please note: Group classes can be arranged for all grades (K-8) upon request provided we have students of similar abilities to group together for a group class. Please inquire if you are interested.


Individual Tutoring

Bloom also provides one on one tutoring (for students in Grades K-8) that is customized to your child’s individual needs. The classes run for an hour and a half once a week for 11 weeks. Individual tutoring allows for greater instruction time with the teacher as well as the ability to focus on your child’s unique problem areas. Students who are below grade level, have difficulty focusing or who are self-conscious of their abilities may be better suited to one on one instruction. With one on one tutoring we can incorporate more than one subject into the class time.English Language Arts and Math are usually the focus as these are the two areas students tend to have the most difficulty with however we can also tutor in other subject areas if requested.


Pricing: $299/month
Registration Fee: $20

Class Times and Schedule

Applies to both individual and group tutoring classes

Tutoring classes are broken down into three semesters throughout the academic year.

Each semester consists of 11 weeks:

Semester One: September 25 – December 8 2023. 

Please note:

For those who attend Monday tutoring classes there is no class on Thanksgiving Day (October 9th) and a class will be held on December 11th 2023 in lieu of this date.


Semester Two: January 8, 2024 – March 28, 2024
Please note: There is no class the week of February 19-23 due to the Family Day holiday and winter break.

Semester Three: April 8, 2024 – June 24, 2024
Please note: No class May 20th due to Victoria day holiday. A session will be held on June 24th to make up for the missed session on Victoria Day.

Classes are typically held on weekday evenings. Choose between either a 4:30-6:00pm or 6:30-8:00pm session. Saturday morning tutoring may also be available. If this is something you would prefer please indicate this on your tutoring request form.

How To Register

If you would like to secure a spot for the upcoming semester please visit our enroll now page and fill out the tutoring request form. This form indicates your preferences and provides us with more information regarding your child’s needs. Please email the completed form to Once the form is received, Bloom will contact you to discuss available class options and provide you with registration information. It is best to submit the form at least one month in advance of the semester start date so we can accommodate your needs. Register early! Spots are filled in the order the request forms are received and classes fill up quickly. Please note: priority registration is given to continuing students.


Tel. (306)530-6534

13-5875 Rochdale Blvd.

Regina, SK S4X 2P9



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