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Why Enroll?

When you want the best for your children, Bloom Learning Centre is ready to help you give it to them. We offer the services you are looking for, with one key difference: Our programs are designed to give your children the best early childhood education possible, while providing them with a fun and social environment that will help them thrive.

When you are considering your options for preschool, summer child care and tutoring, we urge you to consider the fact that the quality of care and education your child receives now will have an impact on his or her future development and success.

A Qualified Teacher Makes a World of Difference

Not all preschool programs are created equal. When considering your options, you should consider to whom you are entrusting your child’s future. Research shows that preschool programs generate the strongest effects when the educators are well-qualified. Not surprisingly, teachers with a B.A. degree in early childhood education have been proven to be the most effective at producing results-focused programs. Bloom Learning Centre prides itself in the qualified and experienced educators that teach in our facility. Read more about them here.

Education Never Stops

A quality preschool education sets children up for academic success, and strong educational support will help to keep their interest and focus strong as they move through their school years.

Bloom Learning Centre offers tutoring services to ensure that your children will always have the academic support they need to continue to be successful and to develop a solid foundation to build on.

Enrolling your children in tutoring at the first signs of difficulty can prevent future troubles in school. If they are struggling for a long period without assistance, it can lead to frustration that will affect their self-esteem and attitude towards learning. By catching problem areas early and taking positive steps to correct the problem, you are helping your children to be successful and to have a positive attitude towards learning and their abilities


Quality Programs = Strong Foundations

Studies have shown that young children, who are exposed to high-quality care settings that are geared towards their social, emotional and intellectual development, have a significant edge over classmates who were enrolled in low-quality care in their formative years. The children who experienced a high-quality care program exhibited better language and mathematics skills, stronger cognitive and social abilities and were able to establish better relationships in their lives. The children that came from high-quality care environments were also less likely to repeat a grade, require special education service, drop out of school or find themselves in trouble with the law.


Promising Futures Start Here

Socially, the positive effects of out-of-home care have been strongly exhibited in the areas of self-concept, communication skills and cognitive styles. In fact, children who have received quality out-of-home education in their early years have been reported to be more independent and self-sufficient, while home-reared children were often observed to be more timid and fearful. They also engage in positive peer interaction more often and tend to be more outgoing, helpful, cooperative and empathetic than children who have received only home care until their school years.

Academically, the children who were enrolled in an education-focused, pre-kindergarten program generally scored higher on later math and language skills. This is demonstrated in a report published by Gullo and Burton (1992) that showed 3- and 4-year-old children who had access to quality preschool education programs scored higher than their counterparts on first-grade reading and mathematics skill assessment tests.


Making the Most of Their Formative Years

Children’s learning, behaviour and health patterns are strongly influenced by the first six years of their lives. In those six years, they experience 90 percent of the brain growth that will happen in their lifetime. This gives them a tremendous ability to learn easily and pick up new ideas quickly. During this time, the foundation of their language and social skills, physical coordination and self-concept is formed.

Bloom Learning Centre capitalizes on this crucial time in their lives by delivering curriculum-based programs that are geared towards your children’s developmental stage to ensure long-term positive impact on their social, educational and emotional development. Their early education is the most productive time to invest in educational opportunities.

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