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Kids in Preschool

Our Story

At Bloom, we are passionate about education and believe in the importance of quality early childhood learning experiences. We love working with children of all ages and developmental stages. We feel that it is our calling to teach and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe in the importance of delivering quality early childhood education because we’ve seen first-hand the significant difference it can make in children’s lives. From superior social skills and confidence to stronger math and language abilities, our programs give children a head start by providing the fundamental skills they will need to be successful in the future.

Our learning centre bloomed as we recognized a need for high quality early childhood education programs in Regina. Knowing the difference that they could make in the lives of so many families in the city, we began to develop our programs. We also knew — from experience in the school system — that Regina was in need of accessible, convenient tutoring services for children who are struggling in school and not getting the individualized attention that is sometimes needed to grasp essential foundational skills.

From that, our mission was born.

To provide quality, results-orientated educational services that are delivered to children in a fun, caring, and enriched learning environment which will greatly impact the children’s future success and have a positive influence on society as a whole. 

Bloom Learning Centre strives to be the number one provider of educational services for young children in Regina by providing high quality care and learning opportunities that are fun and accessible. Join us today!

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Bloom Learning Centre focuses on the Montessori approach, where children are able to focus on their interests using real life materials and the teacher is a guide to the students, rather than facilitator. Here at Bloom, we encompass practical life, sensory learning, and beginning language and math skills to allow your child to be not only better prepared for Kindergarten and elementary school, but also life. Following the Montessori approach, we also have a huge emphasis on nature and focus on care of the environment. Our school also has other areas for play, art, music, circle time. See our schedule and calendar page to see an overview of our daily work.

Practical Life: Within the practical life portion of our Montessori preschool, your child will have the opportunity to become a master is tying laces, care for self, preparing snacks, doing up zippers, etc. This area focuses on enabling children to become more independent in school and at home. By practicing these practical life skills your son/daughter's confidence will improve and they will excel in other areas of learning.
Sensory Learning: This involves students learning with their senses, activities include identifying smells, textures, sounds, symbols, and tastes. By using their senses, they will be able to associate them with specific items and expand their minds and knowledge.

Language Skills: Students will work on pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Montessori methods work on giving background knowledge in order to make the process of reading and writing easier. Students will work with letter recognition, letter sounds, and building simple key words. 
Mathematic Skills: Students will again work with pre-math skills, similar to our Language Area. Students will work on recognizing numbers, values, units of measurement, working with number families etc.  
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