About Us

About Us

At Bloom, we are passionate about education and believe in the importance of quality early childhood learning experiences. We love working with children of all ages and developmental stages. We feel that it is our calling to teach and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe in the importance of delivering quality early childhood education because we’ve seen first-hand the significant difference it can make in children’s lives. From superior social skills and confidence to stronger math and language abilities, our programs give children a head start by providing the fundamental skills they will need to be successful in the future.

Our learning centre bloomed as we recognized a need for high quality early childhood education programs in Regina. Knowing the difference that they could make in the lives of so many families in the city, we began to develop our programs. We also knew — from experience in the school system — that Regina was in need of accessible, convenient tutoring services for children who are struggling in school and not getting the individualized attention that is sometimes needed to grasp essential foundational skills.

From that, our mission was born.

To provide quality, results-orientated educational services that are delivered to children in a fun, caring, and enriched learning environment which will greatly impact the children’s future success and have a positive influence on society as a whole.

Bloom Learning Centre strives to be the number one provider of educational services for young children in Regina by providing high quality care and learning opportunities that are fun and accessible. Join us today!

Behind Bloom — Meet Michelle Rorquist

Everyone has a teacher that they will never forget. For Michelle, it was her grade three teacher that made the biggest impact. It was this teacher that taught her that a good educator can empower children and change their lives in a positive way. It was this teacher that left a lasting impression that not only made Michelle want to become a teacher, but made her want to be one that would make a difference.

Michelle is passionate about teaching and is extremely excited to be educating at Bloom Learning Centre. Having seen first-hand the impact that a caring and qualified teacher can make in a child’s life and in the way they view his or her abilities, Michelle is eager to set her students up for future success and to improve our community by providing this quality learning service.

Michelle graduated from the University of Regina in 2004 with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Elementary Education and also obtained her Business Administration Diploma in 2010. She has over thirteen years of teaching experience that includes teaching with Regina Catholic Schools, tutoring as a private tutor and teaching the preschool and junior preschool classes at Bloom . Additionally, she holds an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Level III Certification and worked for over a year with preschool children as an early childhood educator in a daycare setting.

Michelle values family and she believes that learning should be fun and interactive, especially when it comes to young children. She understands the link between education and play, and how it can create a positive attitude towards learning and building self-esteem.

Michelle is the owner, director and teacher at Bloom Learning Centre. She looks forward to meeting your child!

Behind Bloom — Meet Cameron Rorquist

Cam knows that behind every child is an incredible support system — he believes that it is central to a child’s success. Having grown up in an environment with a strong support system that centred around his parents, he has come to understand the way that it opens up the door to success. He has also come to see how good quality early childhood education is a part of this.

With the success Cam has experienced in his own life, he believes that education is the gateway to opportunity and success. This is why he was eager to start Bloom Learning Centre. He knows that a quality early childhood learning centre in Regina will provide essential support to children and their families as they move through life.

Cam graduated with distinction from the University of Regina in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. He has worked as a project manager since 2004 for both the provincial and federal governments, and he is also an owner and helps to manage Bloom Learning Centre. You may not see him on a day-to-day basis; but he is always hard at work behind the scenes making sure that your child gets the quality education he or she needs to succeed.